The Pitts Model 12

"For the classic look of an old biplane with the blistering performance of modern technology look for the PITTS MODEL 12."

With the performance edge of almost One to One power to weight ratio, the airshow this aircraft can perform is truly awesome.

There is no other airshow act operating this aircraft anywhere in the USA.

From the extremely short take off roll of about 3 seconds in 300 feet to the blinding all out acceleration this aircraft will be at maximum forward speed while still over the runway.

It does its entire airshow routine within the confines of any aerobatic box and stays directly in front of the crowd no matter how small the show line.

The performance capabilities of this aircraft allow it to perform within any operational requirements imposed by the weather or other limitations of your airshow.

The Pitts Model 12 has a rate of climb approaches 4,000 feet per minute.

The roll rate is over 360 degrees per second.

It is swinging an 8 foot diameter, 3 blade propeller that produces over 1600 pounds of static thrust.
With an airshow weight of less than 1850 pounds it's not hard to have fun.

"The Pitts model 12 can fly as slow as 50 MPH on climb out or zoom down to ground level at 250 MPH."

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