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"I have been performing maintenance on aircraft since 1972 when I
entered the United States Air Force."

My first assignment was working on the EC-121 which the world knows as the Lockheed Constellation.
This was quite a way to begin my career as it was the norm that the spark plugs for an aircraft were so heavy you needed a push cart. By actual count the Connie requires 144 spark plugs. From there I traveled the world as most military folks do and had several interesting assignments. I worked on a lot of very unique aircraft.

While assigned to Edwards AFB I worked on almost everything in the inventory at the time.

By 1976 I was out of the military and moving on. I worked at Chino, California, for a company restoring Warbirds.
Worked on most of the WWII surplus equipment and enjoyed the challenge of making those historic aircraft fly once again.

I took a job at Cessna dealership and my first day on the job was tasked with working on a C-210. The foreman asked me if I had ever started a Fuel Injection Engine. My answer was yes and his next question was what engines did I have experience on.

My answer was the only injected engine I have ever started was the Wright Cyclone R3350.
Needless to say the Cessna was a bit easier.

From there I went to work for a major US airline. I spent 25 years working in all aspects of the airline maintenance industry.

In the 1995 I was involved in the importing and maintenance of the Russia/Eastern Europe aircraft. I have imported and exported several of these aircrafts and have experience in the requirements of shipping and flying them for the first time.

In the 1999 I became involved with the Jim Kimball Enterprises working on the Pitts Model 12's. These are very unique aircraft as the mating of the Russian engne with a Pitts airframe resulted in one of the most powerful and fun aircraft to operate.

Through out my career I have always worked on a verity of aircraft. I have extensive experience on all of general aviation, charter operations, restoration, experimental aircraft and business aviation.

"If you have any aircraft maintenance needs please contact me to see if I can be of service to you."

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