"My involvement in aviation began in 1972 when I entered United States Air Force."

I have approval for and performed airshows in the Technoavia SP-95 Russian Monoplane and the Pitts Model 12 Biplane.

After completing Aircraft Maintenance training, I served a variety of positions and worked on a large number of different aircraft during my term of enlistment.
After leaving the Air Force, I entered Chaffey College in southern California and ultimately, and achieved both of my aviation goals, becoming a professional aircraft mechanic and pilot.

I have been performing at Airshows and Aerobatic Competitions since 1996, specializing in the large radial engine powered aerobatic aircraft.
I accompanied an aircraft I was maintaining for a performer to several shows and took care of the aircraft during the event.

I got a close up look at how the operation worked and felt I could make a positive contribution to the airshow environment.

With the assistance and guidance of some of the most recognizable stars of this business I have held a Waiver of Aerobatic Competence since 1998.

I have a level 1 Waiver for:

  • Solo Aerobatics
  • Dog Fight
  • Circle the Jumper

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