Training you in your Pitts Model 12

"I have been very successful in passing on the knowledge I have learned
from flying the Pitts Model 12 over 800 hours over the last 9 years."

I have been asked by several of the Aircraft Insurers to help out the people that are new to this aircraft.

Since I have been flying the Model 12 since its beginning I have collected a lot of experience with this aircraft and enjoy showing you what it can do.

I will show you what you want to know and what you need to know to operate your Model 12 safely and do the kind of flying you wish to do.

It is very common for me to do the initialed training to get you up and flying and enjoying you aircraft then later you decide that you really would like to explore more of the potential your aircraft has.

You decide how much and when. The Pitts Model 12 has a lot of performance that is a lot of fun to explore. I can show you how to really enjoy that and how to operate your aircraft so you can have one of the most unique aircraft ever designed.

"I can help you go from those who want to, to those who have flown and enjoyed the Pitts Model 12."

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