Test Flying

" In the course of my career working in the Aviation field I have operated
many aircraft that needed that extra special attention to detail in order
to insure that it was operationally ready for flight."

From conducting the first flight after major maintenance such as an engine replacement or other significant work has been accomplished, the need exists to fly an aircraft with a very specific test requirement in mind.

It can be exciting; however, I prefer to keep it boring!

I have conducted many first flights on the Pitts model 12’s for customers all over the USA. I can fly the test and do any necessary rigging of the airframe and tweak the flying qualities to make your Model 12 operate as you intend.

I have been presented with many challenges doing this and over the years, and it is always interesting and usually fun.
I can do the entire FAA required Phase One flight test program if needed on your aircraft.

At the conclusion of any flight test program the entire aircraft and all the systems should be fully operational and working as intended. My goal is to walk away with your aircraft completely configured and rigged and tested for you to be able to have the aircraft you always wanted.

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